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Welcome to my website, Reaching Out. If you are interested in conversations about literature for ages eight to twelve then you have come to the right place. I review this literature. Join me in encouraging young readers, old readers, too, to read. Reading is too important to be trusted to the schools and other public entities. One must read well to participate in a democratic society by making informed choices.

I write stories so children will seek adventure in interesting places. A character making his choices is opening a vicarious learning experience for a reader. We can go many places and meet different people by reading.

To promote my cause, I give you my first reading list for your consideration. I have read and enjoyed every one of these books and can offer my insight about an appropriate reader for them. Please take the list and use it for your selection.

I have short pieces of fiction in each of the following anthologie.s

Seasons of Life: A Wordweaver Anthology


Teapot Tales: Pirates, Mermaids, Monsters of the Sea


Ghostly Echoes: Spooky Tales From Around the World


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My first two works will be published by Red Hawk Press and will be out in 2016.

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