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WAYLON: One Awesome Thing

“Baxter had only been in the third grade for a few days last September, but a couple of days were enough. When he’d left, the rumor that he’d been sent away to prison. Everyone had agreed that it would be a good place for him.” Read More →


All Raymie has to do is learn to twirl the baton, do a good deed, and win the competition. She believes that having her picture in the paper will bring her dad back home to stay. Life gets in the way of all her plans.
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BIG NATE: WELCOME TO MY WORLD By Lincoln Peirce Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015 ISBN: 978-1-4494-6226-0 Paperback: $9.99 This is an Amp Comics for kids. The unfolding of Nate’s world is done in primarily four panels for 174 pages. The book opens with Nate finding out if a girl likes one of his friends. His attitude grabbed me on that first page. The book takes him Read More →

The Walk On: A Triple Threat Book

          THE WALK ON: THE TRIPLE THREAT-BOOK 1 By John Feinstein Alfred A Knopf, New York, 2014 ISBN 978-0-385-753348-7 (ebook) Paperback: $7.99   This is the first of The Triple Threat Series about Alex Myers, a high school freshman who had to change schools because his parents are divorcing. Alex is a star athlete who has to prove himself at his Read More →