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THE LAST WORD   JOSEPH JAMES KINCAID 1933-2016   It is not easy to explain my situation to my friends and family but I’m going to try. We were married forty-five years. We have two grown children who have their own families. In our seven-year struggle with cancer, we tried everything the doctors recommended, nothing turned the tide for us. So one of the last Read More →


    MY FAVORITE FOURTH OF JULY MEMORY One of my favorite memories is the Fourth of July 1999. I had just moved to Bartlesville from Oxford. My son, niece and nephew were still in grade school. We went to a Rock Creek Fourth on a farm north of town. It was a community potluck and everyone brought a dish. The sense of community was Read More →


SCIENCE OF FLYING (KITES ARE FOR LEARNING)   The forces that are at work on a kite are the same forces that are at work on an airplane. No one should write off a kite as wasted time. A kite is heavier than air and flys because air is in motion over its wings. Lift is created by the wind pressure resistance along the face Read More →


Maybe we have moved from the clutches of winter. I know we are now in storm season. We’ve already had a weekend of tornado’s on the ground which makes spring official. Apart from the storms what else tells us it’s spring? Dandelion season is another thing. This year I have an outstanding crop. My only hope is to get them mowed into submission because there Read More →


I love donuts. During my southern sojourn where there was only one donut shop in town, I went for years without having one. I call it the great donut dry spell. I would come home and buy a dozen donuts and promptly eat them. I think it is known as binging, but that was before I properly understood the term. So you’ll have to cut Read More →

What’s The End of January 2016 Good For?

    End of January 2016   What’s the end of January good for? I gather up tax forms. I get estimates from contractors for spring construction projects. I gaze at the pictures in the seed catalogues that come in the mailbox. I order plants in the hope that spring will eventually come. Seed catalogues come in January, just like toy catalogues come in November. Read More →


SHADOW WRACK: The Eldritch Manor Series

SHADOW WRACK: The Eldritch Manor Series By Kim Thompson Dundurn, Toronto. 2016 ISBN:978-1-4597-3205-6 To be published in 2016   This book opens with a cast of characters so the reader can catch up if they didn’t read the first book in the series, The Eldritch Manor. It also has a prologue which introduces the location, and Willa Fuller the main character.   The opening paragraph Read More →

THE KEY: A Taylor and Alan Mystery

The Key: A Taylor & Alan Adventure By Jackie Mae & Alison Taylor Printed in the United States of America, 2014 978-0-9916149-6-7 (paperback) 978-0-9916149-7-4 (ebook) Here is the opening paragraph: One day past the summer fields, over the hills, beyond the highway and overhang, below the skyscraper, and through the mall was the theater to end all theaters. Taylor and Alan had waited so long Read More →


ZOMBIE CAT Papa Slider surveyed his mouselets. “What can I tell you to keep you safe in the big dangerous world?” “We will be fine,” Spunky said. “Stick together,” Papa said, as he kissed each one. As they started off, Spunky, Stinky, Stout, Skittish, Sneaky, Spirited, and Stealth said, “goodby, Papa.” They walked all day as the sun set they came upon an abandoned house. Read More →