The children in my town, Bartlesville, Oklahoma are getting ready to go back to school. The aisle of the big box stores is full of paper, notebooks, crayons, and paste. People walk up and down the aisles with a glazed look in their eyes waving a copy of a supply sheet and putting supplies in their basket. Volunteers in the town are meeting over pencils, and boxes of tissues that will be given to the children of struggling families which can’t afford the truckload of stuff it takes to go back to school. This is the way everyone in the town gets the children ready for school.

This year the voters are looking at a bond issue that will be used to upgrade the facilities and make repairs. In light of the fact that the legislature just cut the $33 million dollar fund for replacing old textbooks, communities have to come together and make quality education happen for the children in their location. How can we talk about the benefit of a good education and then not fund it? Our legislature needs to commit the money to the things they say are important. They say education is important, and they still refuse to fund teachers, books, and facilities.

Don’t forget the teachers. They have to ditch their grass skirts and their coconut bras and leis put on their underwear and shoes so they can come back to tasks of working with our children. I know in their heart they go native when the children are not looking. They must have exciting lives outside of the classroom. I wish that the legislature would make giving them raises a priority. They deserve to be paid and encouraged for the work they do. My mother was a teacher. She had to start wearing her shoes the week before school started because she loved to go barefoot in the summer. Underwear was optional then, too. I know what I’m talking about.


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