Gone Crazy In Alabama by Rita Williams Garcia is about the complicated relationships in an extended Southern family. It is written for young reader. The story of the relationships is given to the reader in a wonderful easy to read narrative as children of the family from the city cross the creek between houses as they visit everyone. The children are introduced to the concept of the KKK where the white members of the extended family wear sheets at night and terrorize the black members of the family. The family comes together to find a child that was lost in a tornado so there is a real focus on the family and how everyone gets along. It explores what it means to be a member of a family. It lays out some of the complications of race relationships in a small town.

I enjoyed reading the story. The writing is excellent and the story telling is superb. I’ve met some of these people in my time in the South. The South is a place of wonderful characters and complicated relationships. I give it a five out of a possible five.

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Writer of fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages. Love the mental age where the rules of logic are suspended and there is a willingness to enter the story world no matter what your physical age.

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