Grief is such a strange thing. It might not manifest in tears and sitting on the sofa eating peanut butter from the jar while watching old I Love Lucy reruns. It can come upon you at the psychic level and cause your world to be out of control, leave you feeling fuzzy and unformed. If you experience grief this way you’ll find yourself in public with your shirt on inside out or without something that you really need and told yourself not to leave the house without. Your grief is there and you are carrying it with you like a snail upon your back.

It comes in waves when you think about calling and telling them something you want them to know. Oh, yes, they are not with you here in this space anymore. You can’t tell them. Forty five years is a long relationship, the longest one I’ve ever had, and it has left a hole in the place where it resided. I’ll pick up and move on, I know that I will, but for now I’m just struggling with this grief.

Now I get up every morning, put on my pearls and say to myself, “I’m going to try things I’ve never done before today.” I have owned cats for years and today I went by the WCSPA to see it there was a dog that might like my cats. I have two cats who are really set in their ways. I hope that they can open their hearts and let a poor scared dog in. I looked at an older dog who was thrown out of the car at the facility. So there you have it, I’m looking at a small dog, and I’ve joined an acting troup. As a writer and someone who likes to work behind the scenes, stage hand will be perfect for me. So there you have ‘NEW THINGS.’ Will let you know how it works out. Later.

About Mary T Kincaid

Writer of fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages. Love the mental age where the rules of logic are suspended and there is a willingness to enter the story world no matter what your physical age.

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Rita Durrett

My heart hurts for you. I’ve been there. I know what you are describing. It is very real. I hope your new adventures turn out to be the best thing you ever did. Good luck.

Barbara Shoff

Yep. You are doing a great job walking in that foggy mist. BTW: When I feel like telling them; I tell them. Right out loud. When I hear them ask for details, I fill them in. It is amazing how long those conversations can be.