By Shannon Messenger

Simon and Schuster 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4424-4595-6 ebook

Kindle: $7.99


Keeper of The Lost Cities starts like this: “Miss Foster!” Mr. Sweeney’s nasal voice cut through Sophie’s blaring music as he yanked her earbuds out by the cords. “Have you decided that you’re too smart to pay attention to this information?”


We are introduced to Sophie who is trying to fit into her school and her family. She doesn’t understand why it is so hard for her but she keeps trying to be what everyone thinks she should be. Then she meets a stranger and is swept into a new world. In this world she is an elf. She is enrolled in school for elves and she doesn’t fit into this world any better than she fit into the old one.


However, as the protagonist of this story, Sophie grabs our attention and our sympathy. She makes friends. She works hard. Everyone around her is keeping secrets. The action of the story grabbed me. It is inventive and interesting. Sophie adventures are unpredictable and entertaining.


The dialogue is entertaining and realistic. The setting is well written and believable for the alternate universe. When I first picked up the novel, I thought elves, what a cliché, but the author was able to overcome my objections by drawing me into the story, creating well defined and interesting characters.


I give this story a five out of a possible five. I recommend it for all the readers looking for a strong heroine with lots of adventure.


About Mary T Kincaid

Writer of fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages. Love the mental age where the rules of logic are suspended and there is a willingness to enter the story world no matter what your physical age.

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