SHADOW WRACK: The Eldritch Manor Series

SHADOW WRACK: The Eldritch Manor Series

By Kim Thompson

Dundurn, Toronto. 2016


To be published in 2016


This book opens with a cast of characters so the reader can catch up if they didn’t read the first book in the series, The Eldritch Manor. It also has a prologue which introduces the location, and Willa Fuller the main character.


The opening paragraph begins like this:

“Never battle the forces of darkness a week before school starts. It’s very distracting. Willa learned this lesson the hard way. One Wednesday she barely escaped a giant evil worm, aided by a dragon and a dinosaur, when an exploding phoenix set the whole place on fire. Five days later, the biggest challenge in her life was remembering her locker combination.”


Willa lives in a world of mermaids, centaurs, fairies, and dwarf carpenters so suddenly going to school makes her more isolated. She struggles with such abnormal problems that she has nothing to talk about to her real friends. She is isolated in her world and it is constantly being turned upside down by one crisis or another. She moves from crisis to crisis.


In my opinion that is the downside of the story. Willa has so many challenges that her environment is almost overwhelming and negative. The writing is very descriptive bringing the setting to life for me. The characters are well drawn and the dialogue is realistic. At least that is how I think dwarfs and fairies might communicate.


I rate the book at a 4.5 out of 5 because I didn’t enjoy the constant interaction with the forces of darkness, and would have enjoyed more of the life of Willa the twelve year old girl. She didn’t seem like a real girl to me.


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