The Ghost With The Green Thumb by Maggie Larche is about a seventh grader who spends a month in the summer with her grandpa helping him with his grief. She lost her grandma and her grandpa was having a hard time adjusting to his lose. While she is on this mission, she meets her grandpa’s neighbor Billy and they become close friends.


Billy helps her as she works through her grief over losing her grandma and solves the mystery of who is the caretaker of her grandma’s Love Garden. The garden has flourished unattended by any human while her grandpa grieved. Beth finds her grandma’s garden well tended and blooming. She can’t find anyone who will admit to taking care of it. She and Billy investigate this mystery until they are forced to consider the fact that a ghost is doing it.


This story deals expertly with feelings, relationships, and the meaning of what it is to be a friend. It is well written for its age group. I enjoyed it and I believe the eight to twelve year old group will to. The dialogue is realistic, at least, I know twelve year olds who talk like this. The settings are well described. The emotions involved in losing a loved one are well portrayed. The friendship of the main characters is believeable. I give this story a five out of a possible five stars.


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