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The Keeping Room

By Anna Myers

eISBN 978-0-8027-3532-4

Walker Books for Young Readers, 1997

This is a historical novel about the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. A father must leave his family and fight the British. He leaves his wife and children with his thirteen-year-old boy Joey in charge.

Here is the opening paragraph:

“My father’s troops wait on their horses just outside our front door. I can hear the murmuring voices of the men and the snorts and pawings of their mounts, anxious to be down the road to meet the enemy.”

His father loses the battle and becomes a prisoner of the British. As commanding officers and other men in charge of the troops rotate through their house, Joey must learn to come to terms with his emotions.

Joey becomes a prisoner of the British and learns empathy for the slaves that his father keeps. His experiences show him that he must question what he believes and what his father believes.

His desire to make his father proud leads him to a defiance that has tragic consequences. His final lesson in disciplining his spirit and controlling his own temper and reactions.

The setting is believable. The dialogue is realistic. The characters are well drawn. The story draws the reader in and takes you to the historical period.

I give this novel a 4.5 out of 5. It is an exceptional example of historical genre for the young reader.

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