THE KEY: A Taylor and Alan Mystery


The Key: A Taylor & Alan Adventure
By Jackie Mae & Alison Taylor
Printed in the United States of America, 2014
978-0-9916149-6-7 (paperback)
978-0-9916149-7-4 (ebook)

Here is the opening paragraph: One day past the summer fields, over the hills, beyond the highway and overhang, below the skyscraper, and through the mall was the theater to end all theaters.

Taylor and Alan had waited so long for the opening. Today was the day-they had it all planned out. They would do their chores first thing after they had breakfast while rushing their parents along. Hopefully they would be at the mall by noontime. That would leave them plenty of time to do a little shopping and eat at that awesome restaurant, Joe’s Pick, which served pizza with the yummy, thick, cheese-stuffed crust. It was sooo gooey it practically melted in your mouth. From there is was all mapped out-they would head over to the brand new theater, called Big John’s Mall 9.

The opening pulled me right in to the story, What it did not do was let me know that there was going to be time travel introduced, or mythical characters like wizard. The story also takes the reader on a historical tour of an eighteenth century western town. It is a story with a little bit of everything in it.

I like the characters, a brother, Alan, and his sister, Taylor. Their dialogue was realistic and believable for their age. They solved their mystery. The description was good and made me feel like I could see the place. I enjoyed reading it, and I think the age it was intended for will enjoy it also.

I give the story a 4.5 because I was jarred by the lack of warning on the time travel, historical setting, and the magic elements. I was misled by the opening. Probably just me.

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