Work in Progress

The next story, also in the final stages of completion, is about a boy, Angus, who likes to solve mysteries. He lives in a little southern town and he thinks nothing extraordinary ever happens in his place. …He is surrounded by five supernatural women who can do amazing things. He discovers this as he works to solve a mystery for one of them. He becomes their detective as they need evidence collected. Many things happen in this town, so Angus is busy with his phone camera and his detective kit.

The last story in rough draft form is about a science fair experiment gone wrong. What happens when you invent your own science because you are one year too little to be in the actual science fair? Well…Kenna finds out you can create a giant mutant fruit fly.

I have a series of short stories in the planning stage characters based on alphabetized adjectives. I would like to create some historical stories and characters. My writing partner and I have written a math series for children learning about numbers. This series has a wonderful firefly character in it.

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.